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Season 5 is a wrap!

How ever did people survive without technology. It has been such a great tool especially when we’re apart. I know we always have our phones, but video calling has really stepped up the game. It really is the cutest thing to see his reaction when we get home. You can tell just how much he misses you when you see that big smile and his enthusiasm in running towards you to give you a big hug. Hahahaha. The dogs find more fascination in the kids these days. We’re lucky that they’re so good and so gentle with them. I would definitely love to have both babies in the pool with us, but I guess if she hates it then we’ll have to go with that.

He is so full of energy, it’s a wonder how it almost never depletes. He must be the energizer bunny in disguise. Hahahaha. Well I’m sure people have their reasons for doing that. Luckily for us, we are still able to manage and juggle everything. But perhaps those people are just way too busy. Who wouldn’t want to watch their kids grow up? It’s one of the most amazing experiences in life. He does have such a great learning curve and that is something we can be grateful for. Just imagine all the things Mason will plot with the dogs as he gets older. Haha. There is definitely mutual respect for what we and what they do. They’re the best team we could ask for, for this project. They do work really hard to make the show a success. You know, I was just thinking instead of buying something we could prepare a nice meal for them. What do you think? Have a little party out in the backyard. Unless you have other brilliant ideas?

It’s amazing how quickly technology grew now there are so many things that you can use to keep in touch. I love video calling because then i get to see you while we talk. He is such a loving little boy and we’re really lucky that he knows how to express himself. Hahahaha that’s true but Mason is always feeding them chicken nuggets so he’s their favorite now. We’ll see how things go baby but she’ll be a little older by the time we actually start using the pool so i’m sure she’ll be fine. Mason made a lovely picture for us he used every colour on the table so it’s nice and bright. I pinned it to the fridge.

Hahahahaha we’re full of energy too Mike so he gets that from us. He would win the energizer bunny Mason never gets tired. Yes they do have their reasons but i just couldn’t imagine it for us. If they’re way too busy they never should have had kids in the first place. Imagine how you would feel if a nanny saw your childs first steps and heard it’s first word. We never planned on having two babies quite so quickly but we made things work for us and others can do the same. You’re right it is and we’re only one year in and our lives have changed so much for the better. Hahahahaha they both will and then we’ll really be in trouble. I think that’s why our relationship with them works out so well because we can appreciate each others jobs. They’re amazing. That is a great idea. We can just surprise them with it and pretend we’re having guests over but they are the guests. Having a party out back sounds perfect to me.

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Looking forward to date day with the wifey

Yes they were being absolute darlings. How thoughtful of them huh? Oh he sure was a great help, you know how he is! Our little helper. Well, I guess you could say so. It’s just that now I’m packing for them both so there’s more stuff to consider. He really does, and who can blame him when he gets spoiled silly? In fact when I spoke to mom earlier, she mentioned going on a little shopping spree earlier in the week. Oh boy… Hahaha. I will put in 100% concentration because I have to make it home, or else I’m going to miss all the live action and that won’t be fun. Did you give the crew time off for today? You go and do just that and I’ll be back home soon sexy ;) A dinner tonight sounds like a good plan. Let’s do that. Mom and dad would be glad to have the kids over for the night anyway, so we can always go get them in the morning.

Awwww well Daddy deserved a break so i’m glad that they gave you one. He is our little helper and he is excellent at it. If he doesn’t go to college he would make an amazing assistant. Hahahaha yes there is a lot more to consider. God forbid you only put Madisons size nappies in the bag and Mason didn’t have his. I’m not going to start without you but try to avoid small talk or they’ll keep you there all day. Yes i called around this morning and they’re appreciative as hot as our sex life is there are some things they just don’t need to see. There are a million things you could call me but sexy will always be my favourite one. That was what i had in mind. I’m excited about spending time with my husband.

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Bringing Sexy Back

To say that the past month was a whirlwind was an understatement. It had come and gone so quickly and their life pretty much revolved around their babies. Michael cherished any moments that he got to spend with the family. And now that Jenna was done with Glee and he was on a break, they were eagerly looking forward to spend time together as a family for the summer. However, if there was one thing that was lacking in the past month it would definitely be the time that they got to spend together as a couple. With Michael having to make regular trips to Atlanta for work and Jenna having to care for the kids, it was challenge to find the time. But now that they had all this time, Michael was determined to make it happen. They had such a great support system between their family and friends after all, and knew that the occasional babysitting wouldn’t be a problem with them.

Today Michael had arranged for the kids to be babysat by his parents, who willingly agreed to, so that both him and Jenna could spend some quality time together. Slipping out of bed, Michael cast a quick glance over to his beautiful wife who was still sound asleep. He figured that she could do with an additional hour or two as she had been busy looking after the kids while he was away. It was only fair that he took over the duty from time to time. Walking into the bathroom, he freshened up and got ready to start the day. Taking a peek at the baby monitor, he noticed that Mason was just beginning to wake up so he quickly grabbed a shirt and went down the hallway towards Mason’s room.

"Good morning!" he exclaimed as he pushed open the door, and Mason greeted him with a big smile. "Let’s get you ready now shall we?" Michael clapped his hands together before picking Mason up from his bed. The toddler rambled ‘no’ repeatedly and that had him laughing. Distracting him with one of his stuffed animals, he quickly changed his diaper and picked out a comfortable outfit to put him in. "Can Mason help daddy to put this away?" He pointed to the diaper then to the bin as he lifted him from the ground. The toddler did as he was told and clapped his hands happily. "Good job! High five!" Mason put up his little palms and smacked them against Michael’s repeatedly. 

Now that Mason was ready, it was time to get Madison fresh and clean too. Walking into Madison’s nursery, Michael sat Mason down on the recliner. “You be a good boy okay? Daddy will be right back.” Making a quick dash for the master bedroom, he carefully picked Madison up from her co-sleeper being careful not to wake Jenna up. “Look who’s here!” Michael lifted Madison in front of Mason as he walked into the room. “Bebé!” Mason’s face lit up at the sight of his baby sister. Michael settled the infant down on the carpeted floor so that Mason could help out. Mason always loved helping out with Madison and Michael and Jenna were so glad that he was taking to the role of being a big brother so well. “Mason, can you get daddy a diaper?” he pointed at the diapers in the basket. Mason reached his little hand in to grab one. “Madison says gracias hermano!” When he was done changing Madison, Michael checked the diaper bag, making sure he had everything that they would need packed. “Let’s go tell mommy good morning,” Mason ran happily towards their bedroom as Michael followed closely behind with Madison in his arms.

Michael was taking care of the kids this morning and she was trying to sleep in but it was impossible. Jenna was always eager to greet each day and enjoy every moment. She did lay there with a sleepy smile etched on her face as she listened quietly to Michael potter around from room to room and she could hear Masons response. It had been a long night as any night usually was with a new baby. The past month had gone by so quickly and Jenna finally had her energy back. Michael always joked that she was supermom but even though he teased her about it she knew that he really did see her that way. She loved having him home because spending time with him was always so precious when he would be jetting off at a moments notice. Sometimes he was away for an entire week and it made her smile because this was how life really was in the beginning of their relationship. With The Vampire Diaries on hiatus and her finished with glee except for a few brief appearances she had the time to really enjoy being a wife and mother. Summer was fast approaching and with Madison here now they would enjoy the summer and spend lots of time in their pool. When they got to spend time alone sometimes they were so tired that they passed out on the coach together from exhaustion and that wasn’t very productive because it made them feel like they didn’t get much time together anymore. Jenna really loved how hands on he was when it came to Mason and Madison he changed diapers, made meals, bathed them, read to them, tucked Mason in at night with a big kiss. He was such a great father and love was definitely the foundation of their family.

She could hear Michael asking Mason for a high five and it made her so happy just to hear them working together as a team. Michael and Jenna had been worried about the effect having a new baby would have on Mason he was still so young himself and for all this time he had his parents all to himself but their worries were unfounded because Mason clearly adored his new sister. He was always rewarded with positivity for helping with her and given how small he was it just amazed her to see how careful he was when it came to Madison. He would stroke her hair so gently and the little kisses he would place on her tiny head were so soft that Madison barely acknowledged them. Michael and Jenna were always telling him to be careful when Jenna was pregnant because Mason had his boisterous moments and he would hop up onto her lap even when she was heavily pregnant and they had to keep telling him to be careful because of the baby and that idea had obviously stuck in his tiny head because he was as gentle as gentle could be. It was really important to them to include him and make him feel involved and not pushed out. Jenna sat up in bed and casually waved as Michael came in with the kids. “Hello my loves” she exclaimed opening her arms so she could hug and kiss them before Michael left to take them to spend some time with their grandparents. Jenna purposefully left Michael without kisses because she was going to give them to him when he got back.

Once the door was shut Jenna got out of bed and went to take a quick shower she used her favourite shampoo and conditioner and body soap before getting out and applying her make up. It always took longer to style her hair and get it looking how she wanted it look. She used some curling ions and then raked her fingers through it to separate the larger curls. It looked sleek and healthy. She rifled through her draws and found the birthday present that Michael had chosen for her and that hadn’t fit whilst she was heavily pregnant with Madison. She cut off the tags and pulled the panties up her legs and then slipped into the baby doll. Glancing at herself in the mirror she applied another layer of mascara and painted her lips a hot pink before taking a casual selfie on her cell and hitting send to send it to her darling husband. Some flirty texts went back and forth and she knew that she would pay for it when her husband got home. She laughed loudly as he talked about attacking her. Jenna changed the sheets and lit some candles giving it a much more romantic feel. This was the first time that they had really been alone in four long weeks and it was really needed. There was no way that they would spend time sleeping the day away when she had Michael all to herself and tonight they would go out for a romantic dinner. She was going to tease him about the lack of diamonds because when she had Mason Michael had proposed before they had even left the hospital. They had such an honest relationship and she loved that they never took life too seriously. She perched on the end of the bed and waited for her husband to come back.

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mike-trev Whispered: Well, I love mac and cheese a lot...

Thank you i feel very loved <3

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mike-trev Whispered: Text: Geez baby that is too much! How do you expect me to survive this drive home after sending me that video?! Daaaaamn! My baby's still got it. All I'm saying is be prepared to get tackled when I get back. It's payback time ;)

TEXT: You like to be tempted and i love to tempt you. I will always have it and you will always want it. I’m prepared baby all i’m waiting for is you ;)

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mike-trev Whispered: You remind me of mac and cheese.

Why is that?

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Looking forward to date day with the wifey

You are more than welcome baby, you really deserved it for being such a great mommy to our babies. Lucky for me they were being extremely cooperative today. No crying and fussing and we managed to get through everything quickly. I just hope I remembered everything that they will need while they’re there. Haha. He is so upbeat and you can tell that he is looking forward to the day. Oh please, trust you to tell me that right before I leave the house. How am I supposed to concentrate on drivingnow? Evil wifey is evil. But I’m looking forward to having a feast for the eyes when I’m back. Are we going to spend the day in bed then, is that the plan my dear? ;)

It feels really nice to have your appreciation baby even though i know i always have your appreciation. They were? that’s really nice that they gave daddy an easy time. Was Mason helping you?. You’ve had plenty of practice for the past year so i’m hopeful that you remembered everything. He really loves spending some time with his abuelo and abuela. You better concentrate and make very little small talk before you get home and we can make up for the lack of sex in this household for the past month. I’m going to change the sheets and light some candles. Our first time since the last time should be romantic. Not all day but you can take me out for a nice dinner tonight ;)

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Season 5 is a wrap!

You know I was just kidding and I will always share the details with you right? Hahaha. Spending time with my family is one of my all time favorites. Aww, I miss all of you too when I have to be away for work. At least we have technology to keep in touch. The way Mason runs up to me when I walk in the door just warms my heart. It was just two dogs before, and now I have two dogs and my son. Although the dogs get less interested by the day. They’re content entertaining themselves. Hahaha. We haven’t so that will be fun. Yeah, I think she has about a month to go. The kids will definitely have some fun this summer. He was so loud and energetic that it had us in stitches pretty much. I’m sure Madison will enjoy it just as much.

A chameleon is an accurate description of our boy. He is like a little magician isn’t he? The dogs make good babysitters while we’re busy huh? Hahaha. I can just about imagine all the shenanigans that goes on while I’m away. I’m sure they could let me in on a clip or two. We do have a great relationship with the crew afterall. They’re the best. I remember when you mentioned that to me. I still have yet to watch those. You’ll need to show me. We should get them a little something once this season is done. Just to show them our appreciation.

I know baby we don’t have any secrets from each other. It’s one of my all time favourites too. You’re busy and distracted whilst you’re working but i’m always sitting there late at night missing you when i’ve god Madison down for a few hours. I have no idea what we would do without technology. Awww isn’t that just the cutest thing ever?. I might have only been the store but when i got home there he was smiling. Hahahaha you’re being shunned by the dogs that has to hurt. So will we because we’re going to make the most of things. We can always have Madison in her bassinet outside while we lounge in the pool.

Hahahahah it’s the perfect description of our boy. He is just amazing to watch all day long. I can’t imagine why parents would want to invest in a nanny when i love our childrens company. I love being there to watch everything. Mason learns more every single day. Hahahahaha or whilst we’re cooking and our backs are turned. They’re so funny and i think they admire us and our honesty and we admire them to because it’s not an easy job. They have to go through so many hours of footage just to find something amazing to add to our show. That would be nice. Do you have any ideas on that darling?.

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Whenever your phone blows up with notifications, you know just where they’re at. Hahaha. People are so concerned and watching out for our babies. It’s like as if they’re the ones raising them or something. It’s something that we could consider. Oh, not every day of course. We’re not about to make this a full-on career while they’re still so little. But a few campaigns from time to time could be fun. Besides we can put the money into their college funds. Haha.

Hahahahaha. I have to put my phone on silent a lot since i don’t want the babies to be disturbed. Everyone just has their own opinions and i respect them. I did modelling here and there and i really did love it. The money would be good if it’s for their college funds especially since we want to make more beautiful babies. Hahahaha.

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Hahahaha. Well, what can I say? It’s all about the art of quickies these days. Yup, that’s my sneaky wife alright. Nothing’s changed.

You must have been having your own quickies since i’m certain i wasn’t involved in any for at least a month. Hahahahaha. I’ve always been me darling i just calmed down for a little while ;)

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